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Development Lifecycle Steps
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This page details how to contributing code to Arm NN, it assumes you already have a working version of Arm NN.
For instructions to install Arm NN refer to Getting Started with Arm NN.

Contributing to Arm NN

Contributions are welcome to Arm NN. The projects are licensed under the MIT license and all accepted contributions must have the same license.

For more information on the contribution license see the contribution guide.

Creating a change

Before creating you change make sure you have the latest version of Arm NN

$ git pull

Create a local branch for you changes

$ git checkout -b "branchname"

Stage your changes once they have been made

$ git add "filename"

Run make in your build directory to make sure your code compiles
(If you have created a new class/test be sure to add it to CmakeList.txt, otherwise it will not be built)

$ make

Committing changes

Set your sign off username and email

$ git config "John Doe"

$ git config ""

Commit your changes

$ git commit -s

Commit messages

Commit messages must follow a specific format in order to ensure the log message is easy to read. There are a few important parts to each commit message.

  • The first line of the commit message must contain a high-level summary of the commit.
  • The summary line must be followed by a blank line - this clearly separates the summary from the description.
  • Subsequent lines should contain further details of the commit - expanding on the summary line at the top of the commit.
  • The end of the commit message must include a Change-Id trailer.
  • The end of the commit message must include a Signed-off-by trailer - this is added with the -s flag

An example commit message

MIMIR-1234: Code tidy-up following Alpha review (no functional changes)
  * Removed hanging whitespace.
  * Replaced tabs with spaces.
  * Added comments
Signed-off-by: John Doe <>
Change-Id: If4f3092c7f30cd9bc53c8a5310bb890ec31f70bc

Pushing a commit

To push a change for review

$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

Before a change is merged into master, it must:

  1. Be reviewed by at least one (preferably two) Arm NN developers who will inspect the changes and provide feedback.
  2. Compile and pass appropriate testing on Arm's CI (Continuous Integration) system.

Review ratings are given as follows:

Code Review

  • +2: The change is definitely OK and can be merged (normally only set by the second reviewer after the first has given +1).
  • +1: The change looks OK, but could do with another reviewer taking a look.
  • -1: Some minor points need to be fixed - I would prefer you do not submit yet.
  • -2: There are serious issues with this change (broken feature, deviation from spec, etc.) - do not commit.

CI Verified

  • +1: Appropriate testing has been done to ensure functionality is correct.
  • -1: Testing has failed.

Amending a commit

You may need to make changes to your commit, due to either feedback from the code review, the CI build/tests failing, or needing to edit the commit message

To do so stage any additional changes you've made

$ git add "filename"

Amend your commit

$ git commit --amend

Then re-push for review

$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

Any new changes must then be reviewed and tested by the CI system.


Before merging you may need to rebase your changes to do so click the Rebase button.
If you are unlucky you might get a merge conflict, in which case you will be to rebase and resolve the conflict locally, then re-push.

Merge the changes

Once the CI and the reviewers are happy, an Arm NN Developer will merge your changes into the Arm NN master.

Deleting branches

Once your changes have been integrated to master delete your branch

$ git branch -D <branch_name>
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